Rights & Permissions

Rights and Permissions Management as a Service for Publishers

Copyright furthers all creative interests by making the rich marketplace of ideas available to a wider audience. Resourceful rights and permissions management supports author content while maximizing the publisher’s budget.

KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd. provides dedicated onshore and offshore staff who offer critical thinking and analysis of permissions to identify sourcing strategies that lower costs and maintain production cycles.

Copyright law is a balance of competing interests, and provides both protections and freedoms. Effective rights and permissions management capitalizes on the freedoms of the law’s three main categories: fair use; public domain and open access; and permissions. Workflow is defined by the basic elements of creating a record, licensing uses, and crediting sources.

Rights & Permissions

Rights and Permissions

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Following are some of the service tasks our Rights & Permissions team offers:

  • Current edition risk analysis and recommendation strategy
  • Text and figure assessment
  • Log creation and identification of fair use, public domain, and permissionable assets
  • Photo research and reverse research
  • Identification of rights holders, negotiation, and permissioning asset
  • Data management in customer R&P data management systems
  • Review and approval of licenses/agreement and invoices and submission for and tracking of payment
  • Management and tracking of R&P schedule and budget
  • Weekly updates via emails and conference calls

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