Smart Suite 3.0

Smart Suite® 3.0 is an innovative cloud-based publishing platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to streamline production processes, accelerate delivery, and enhance author satisfaction, opening new avenues for achieving publishing objectives.

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Smart Suite® 3.0 is a next-generation, cloud- based publishing platform designed for rapid delivery, publisher efficiency, and author satisfaction. Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), this high-speed production engine automates manual processes and provides new opportunities to advance your publishing goals.

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Smart Suite® 3.0

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Smart Suite 3.0

Smart ReviewSmart Review®

A new integrated tool that automates a variety of tasks that occur during the peer review process: screening for common submission checklist elements like disclosures, metadata, and manipulated images, identifying reviewers external to the manuscript system, identifying conflicts of interest between authors and reviewers, and assessing language for either manuscript triage or to determine the appropriate level of copyediting needed at acceptance.

Smart EditSmart Edit®

A pre-edit, copyedit, and conversion system that incorporates natural language processing and AI to benefit publishers in terms of editorial quality and better, faster markup and delivery to output channels. Smart Edit comprises several components that run together seamlessly, transforming raw, unedited manuscripts into edited, structured, and valid XML files. Contextual copyediting updates include chunk tokenization and machine learning enhancements, making Smart Edit an independent self- learning editorial program for the future.

Smart ComposeSmart Compose®

A fully-automated production engine that ingests structured output from Smart Edit to generate page proofs. Designed to work with 3B2, InDesign, and LaTeX composition platforms to cater to full automation, the module facilitates instant PDF/ePub generation. Publisher-specified styles guarantee consistent, high-quality layouts. The latest features include built- in validations, and the ability to dynamically combine articles, generate TOC, and create accessible PDFs.

Smart ProofSmart Proof®

A web-based proofing and correction tool for updating content in real time while maintaining back-end XML, now supporting LaTeX and rendering equations using MathJAX. The automated roundtripping of text-only changes in Smart Proof means that authors and editors receive revised proofs in less than an hour. The module has received extensive enhancements in the areas of workflows, UX, collaborative editing, formatting, technical support, reporting, security, spell check, commenting, references and citations, linking, accessibility, and more.

Smart TrackSmart Track®

A cloud-based workflow and file management system that logs all content transactions. The user interface presents a workflow overview with drill-down capabilities that tracks issues to improve both system and individual performance. Smart Track has moved to the next level of automation with ability to manage content based on metadata/ dynamic system reports, automated event-based workflow identification, customizable user interface, and HTTPS endpoints.

Smart ReportSmart Report®

A new dashboard that integrates with Smart Track to provide complete access to article and chapter data, including key metadata from connected systems, and enables publishers to generate advanced, custom reports. The configurable and interactive dashboard provides standard and customizable charts and graphs that track the most common elements of production, while delivering the information with historical and current data trends to monitor performance.

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