Editorial and Peer Review

Improve your journal with exceptional editorial office and peer review support. Our people-centered, technology-enabled global team delivers outstanding quality and efficiency.

Improve Your Journal with Exceptional Editorial Office and Peer Review Support.

With decades of experience supporting over 500 journals, KGL brings leading-edge knowledge of industry best practices and a deep commitment to ensure your journal delivers the best possible service to your editors, authors, and reviewers.

Comprehensive editorial office and peer review management services

Specialized proficiencies and best-practice process improvements

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Global, Scalable Staffing

Delivering the best global operational efficiencies, our associates bring professional polish to your workflows. We are power users of the major manuscript management systems and have built a suite of proprietary tools that work with established platforms to inform and streamline your work.

Peer review services can be commissioned for discrete services or across your entire workflow. Our services are customized according to the precise needs of your organization, scalable to changing volume, and offer excellent value while maintaining the exceptional reputation of your journal. Delegate your peer review management to KGL Editorial and unburden critical staff, satisfy your authors, and ensure editorial quality and speed with a trusted partner.


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Editorial and Peer Review

Editorial Office ManagementEditorial Office Management

Support for publishers in need of an editorial manager to run their journal editorial offices from A to Z.

  • Dedicated editorial managers who understand publishing history and trends
  • Development of peer review protocols, standards, and workflows
  • Timely, quality management of all aspects of the peer review process
  • Strategic and operational meetings with editors, editorial boards, publishers, and societies
  • Analysis of editorial data and preparation of editorial office reports
  • Make and/or oversee changes to the journal website as issues are published
  • Editor training and transitions, documentation, and ongoing evaluations
  • Serving as a liaison to publishers and vendors

Peer Review ManagementPeer Review Management

  • Focus on speed to ensure author satisfaction while ensuring quality that advances research communication
  • Prompt and efficient handling of new and revised submission checks
  • Responsive management of editor, author, and reviewer correspondence
  • Assurance of adherence to deadlines
  • Evaluation of author guidelines, submission checklists, system configuration, and letter templates
  • Recommendation and implementation of industry-leading workflow best-practices to provide optimal author, reviewer, and editor experiences and editorial office efficiency
  • Management of special/themed issues, supplements, and invited content
  • Database maintenance, letter template management, and system configuration support
  • Platform expertise across ScholarOne, Editorial Manager, eJournal Press, and more

Research IntegrityResearch Integrity

  • Checks for submission of all due statements (COI, ethics, funding, data availability)
  • Screening for research integrity issues and potential papermill activity
  • Enforcement of ethical criteria according to journal and industry guidelines (COPE, WAME, ICMJE, ARRIVE, etc.)

Pre And Post ProductionPre- and Post-Production

  • Final quality checks on accepted manuscripts
  • Export to production
  • Review and approval of final page proofs
  • Issue lineup creation and cover art selection
  • Online issue quality control

Phd And Master S Level Subject Matter ExpertsSubject Editor Service

  • PhD- and master’s-level subject matter experts across a broad range of disciplines including science, technology, medicine, engineering, social science & humanities
  • Triage of new submissions for scope, soundness, and language
  • Reviewer selection, both from within the journal database and from external sources
  • Assessment of reviews for completeness, readability, tone, and ethics
  • Prospective author research and outreach to support journal growth

Developmental EditingDevelopmental Editing

  • Evaluation of manuscript structure, content, and organization
  • Enhancement of clarity, coherence, and impact of writing
  • Identification of inconsistencies and/or unsupported statements
  • Feedback on style, tone, and language usage to enhance readability

Social Media SupportSocial Media

  • Coordination of social media and marketing efforts
  • Composition of compelling text and images
  • Coordination with authors to maximize audience engagement
  • Podcast and other multimedia content production including video and audio engineering

Dei Training And ConsultationDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training & Consultation

  • Editor training in DEI best practices, bias awareness, and inclusive language
  • Review of editorial policy, author guidelines, and letter templates
  • Analysis and reporting of current diversity among journal stakeholders
  • Assistance in recruiting diverse editorial boards, reviewers, and authors
  • Reviewer training and society certification programs

Workflow Audits And ConsultationPeerTrack®

  • An intuitive cloud-based manuscript management system with expert technical support designed to facilitate your peer review workflow
  • Hundreds of configuration options to meet individual publication workflow needs without costly engineering change requests
  • Adherence to industry data standards to ensure accurate metadata and clean data transfer
  • Optional functionality including reference linking and reformatting, integrated bibliographic database searches, and collection of submission and publication fees
  • Both standard and customized analytics and reporting, automated for email delivery at any time

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