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KGL has long been a pioneer in the application of emerging technologies in the publishing process. Our Smart Suite® production platform has been powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for nearly a decade.

The Smart Edit® module was one of the first copyediting tools using NLP to reduce time to publication by automating formatting and scoring for language quality. This has allowed us to rapidly triage manuscripts for advancing to composition or flagging for human intervention. Today our Smart Publish high-speed, quality-assured workflow enables hundreds of thousands of pages to be delivered from manuscript acceptance straight to author proofs in 24 hours.

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Intelligent Automation Combined with Human Care

Through the rapid integration of new technologies from the Smart Lab and the constant optimization of staffing and workflows, KGL is continuously learning, adapting, and anticipating the changing needs of content providers and their users. We combine this mission focus with the resources of a global talent pool to provide a unique suite of solutions—all of which support a vision of faster and more cost-effective distribution of the best-quality content. 

We understand industry changes, how they impact editorial processes, and strategies and tactics to respond. Having colleagues dedicated to consulting with scores of high impact societies ensures that KGL remains on the leading edge. KGL also has technology, data analytics, project management, and scientific expertise on our team, enabling us to offer resources beyond standard editorial and production workflows.

KGL continues to invest over $3 million in technology annually. Our business model is an integration of innovation, automation, and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, customers, and industry leaders. 

Designing Solutions for Current Needs

With the resurgence of interest in AI applications in the publishing industry, we are proud to be at the forefront of continually evolving technology innovations designed to meet current trends. Currently in the KGL Smart Lab, we are exploring Large Language Models (LLMs), image generators, and other AI tools for multiple publishing applications, including:

Educational Content Creation

Educational content creation

Using LLMs in authoring assessments, passages, citations, student and teacher editions, translation and adaptation.

Media Assets03

Media assets

Tools for generating images, animation, video, scripts, storyboards, and voiceovers.

Alt Text Descriptions

Alt-text descriptions

Object detection, scene understanding, text recognition, technical and non-technical images, evaluated by subject matter experts.

Smart Edit

Further enhancements to copyediting

Editing and structuring content, analyzing text for grammar, spelling, and style errors, suggesting alternate phrasing to improve readability, checking for consistency in formatting and terminology.

Editorial And Peer Review

Peer review

Content classification, plagiarism checks, checking for scientific accuracy, style checks, identification of paper mill fraud, submission checks, reviewer Identification, COI identification.

Experimenting for the Future

Keeping an eye on emerging possibilities, KGL is actively pursuing new AI use cases and opportunities to automate additional publishing processes, encompassing:

Digital Production

Digital production

Code snippets, JSON formatting, HTML layout, Schema markup generation.



Keyword extraction, headings creation, cataloging significant terms and mentions, semantic relationships, error checking.

Resources and Webinars

Over the years, we have created a library of industry insights on AI innovations. On this page, we invite you to peruse the links to reports and product sheets, the collection of articles we have published, and seminal and recent recordings of webinars we have hosted. We will post new developments and ‘Dispatches from the KGL Smart Lab’ here as they happen, so watch this space!

To contact us and register your interest in shaping AI applications, offer feedback, or discuss your automation needs, please use the Learn More form or email us at

In this tag-team session, KGL reviews use cases, successes, and even botched trials of artificial intelligence applications in publishing. Alex Kahler of KGL Editorial covers explorations of AI in peer review; Waseem Andrabi of KGL Learning Solutions discusses applications in media creation and and alt-text descriptions; and Gillian Shasby of JNSPG describes an experiment with a ‘conversational manuscript’ using ChatGPT on the journal’s PubFactory site.

This groundbreaking webinar from KGL predecessor, Cenveo Publisher Services explores applications of AI and NLP in the publishing sector and how they’re combining to make research and publications more timely, relevant and useful. Featuring Francis Xavier of KGL, Stewart Gardiner of Taylor & Francis, and Neil Blair Christensen from Unsilo, the discussion showcases a case study of Smart Suite automation at T&F enabling a time savings of up to 40% in journal production, in addition to use cases in peer review and surfacing content.

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