K-12 Content Development

KGL’s team of former educators and publishing experts, covering math, science, language arts, and social studies collaborate with internal design, art, production, and technology teams to facilitate complete publishing workflows.

Full-Service Development for PreK-12 Products

Our staff comprises former educators with advanced degrees combined with publishing experience. Expertise spans the core-4 spectrum—math, science, reading/language arts, and social studies/humanities. KGL’s editorial team works with internal design, art, production, and technology/digital development teams to enable full-service publishing workflows.

Following are some of the common services we provide.

K 12

KGL Solutions

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DEI in Educational Content

K-12 Services

Product PlanningProduct Planning

  • instructional design
  • creative prototype development
  • focus testing and analysis
  • product design and market research
  • scope and sequence development
  • concept development

Product Development ExpertiseProduct Development Expertise

  • student editions
  • teacher editions
  • assessments
  • response to intervention (RTI)
  • curriculum development
  • animations
  • interactives
  • mobile products
  • ebooks
  • interactive whiteboards

Editorial DevelopmentEditorial Development

  • manuscript development
  • content editing
  • curriculum alignment
  • art and map specifications development
  • web content development
  • scripting/storyboarding for animation and interactive products
  • audio scripts
  • digital products
  • metadata creation
  • section 508 compliance
  • leveling and readability adaptation

Correlations & CustomizationsCorrelations and Customizations

  • common core state standards
  • customized product development
  • standards tracking
  • gap analysis
  • program alignment to standards
  • assessment alignment
  • international adaptation

Management & ProductionManagement and Production

  • editorial/production management
  • workflow development
  • asset tracking
  • budget updates
  • schedule development and preparation
  • weekly status reports

Content Development Student & Teacher Edition Samples

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Digital DevelopmentWebinar

DEI in Educational Publishing

KGL educational publishing expert, Vanessa Vaughn, describes how K-12 and higher ed content providers are paying new attention to inclusive representation in published content.

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