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KGL’s content services prioritize inclusivity and representation for diverse K-12 and higher education audiences. Our expert team assists publishers and educators in creating authentic educational experiences tailored to diverse student populations.

Evolution of authenticity in content

Our content services are designed to ensure inclusivity and representation for K-12 and higher ed audiences.

With the US Census Bureau projecting that nearly half of young people under 17 will identify as non-white by 2030, and 30% already living in non-traditional households, educational publishers must represent diversity in race, religion, family structure, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, age, and ability, among other considerations to address these demographic realities.

KGL’s dedicated team of experts offer a range of services designed to assist publishers and educators in creating meaningful educational experiences for K-12 and higher ed audiences. We understand that authenticity is key to unlocking student engagement, and that’s why our services are tailored to reflect the changing demographics of student populations.

Our services include:

  • Guidelines development – offering guidance to publishers on how to create content that is inclusive and representative
  • Comprehensive reviews and feedback – conducting sensitivity reads that return thorough and impartial feedback on content to ensure that it meets DEI best practices
  • Passage development – crafting passages that accurately and respectfully represent all students, regardless of background or identity
  • Narrative and assessment development – creating narratives and assessments that foster inclusivity and provide equal opportunities for all learners
  • Standards alignment and gap analysis – conducting comprehensive analyses of programs to ensure that they meet DEI goals and are aligned with relevant state standards and frameworks
  • Photo and art research – ensuring that visual elements reflect the diversity of student populations and human societies at large
  • Animation and character development – specializing in matching up characters with voice-over actors of appropriate age and racial or ethnic background, ultimately creating engaging and authentic learning environments for students

Our DEI Support Services aim to empower publishers and educators to embrace diversity and provide valuable educational experiences to all K12 students.

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