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A large, member-based society with multiple journals planned a transition from one manuscript management system to another. Due to the complexities of switching systems for a portfolio of three existing journals, along with two new journals set to launch, KGL Editorial was asked to provide an expert system user to manage the process.

KGL Editorial was asked to assist in the following ways:

  1. Review the implementations of the new system for all five  journals to ensure that they were configured optimally to support each workflow

  2. Assist with configuration to replicate the customized processes available in the previous system

  3. Support editors and in-house staff with system training tools

A KGL Editorial associate with more than 5 years of experience working with the new system served as the principal liaison between the society and the vendor. In addition to ensuring that the above-referenced points were addressed, the KGL associate reviewed the journals’ workflows and template correspondence to ensure they reflected best practice. Some of the specific changes included modifying the new system to include a biostatistical review of certain manuscripts, facilitating manuscript-specific discussions between the editor-in-chief and other editors within the system, and streamlining the number of system steps required for an editor to record his/her decision.

The KGL Editorial associate also worked closely with the society and the vendor to customize the end-user training process so that it accommodated the journals’ complex workflows, including assisting with recorded instructions for new staff and editor users.

KGL Editorial assistance ensures comprehensive project assessment and management, minimizing disruption to the journals’ workflows so that the client’s in-house staff can remain focused on the day-to-day demands of running the journals.

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