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NS4ed is a rising leader in technology-based career and college education services and actionable research. By tackling complex and relevant issues based on research and aligned to policy, the company empowers educators with solutions to support their education initiatives and priorities.

KGL was engaged by NS4ed to create and produce a detailed Program Brief describing the structure and purpose of its math curriculum as published in the company’s Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry learning products. The purpose of the Program Submission Brief was to accompany other submission materials for a specific state business opportunity, which if approved would allow the publisher to market and sell these products within the state’s school systems and districts.

Material Supplied

KGL was provided information by the publisher for the goals and requirements of the target state opportunity, and access to the existing math curriculum. NS4ed provided a description of the outcome and deliverable it envisioned for the Program Brief to accompany its other submission materials.


Creating a detailed brief of the structure and purpose of complex math curriculum to evidence its alignment to and ability to meet CCSS learning objectives, custom state standards, and student performance goals requires deep expertise and experience with pedagogy and instructional methodology, content scope and sequence, subject matter and curriculum expertise, and performance testing and assessment needs. Standards expertise and a deep understanding of various state requirements and goals for student learning is critical and requires highly qualified, seasoned educational professionals.


KGL assigned an industry-leading team of learning, content, standards, and subject matter experts to perform a review of the publisher’s Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry content, and to produce the Program Submission Brief the Publisher would submit to the target state for approval. The review validated the accuracy of the content to align to the state’s goals and requirements for the learning material. Validation targets included confirming the content structure, scope and sequence, content accuracy and integrity, learning levels, pacing and readability, fact-check and cold solves, and alignment of content to Common Core and specific state learning standards among others. The review and validation results were organized and prepared within a Submission Document meeting the client’s instructions and requirements.


KGL delivered a Submission Document to NS4ed that included the following:

  • Overview and description of program structure
  • Overview and descriptions of specific math topics covered in each course
  • Table showing progression of learning across courses
  • Description of program content to ensure coverage of, and alignment to CCSS and state standards

“Thank you so much for this! At first glance, it looks fantastic and is exactly what we needed! To be honest, when I opened it up, I felt like I could just cry all the happy tears!! I know this must have taken a lot of time and effort to develop. I appreciate everyone who worked on putting this together!!”

— Michelle Rosario, Learning Experience Manager, NS4ed

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