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During the last decade, the publishing industry has stepped up its efforts to become more inclusive and diverse—a change that has gradually manifested itself in who the industry represents, who works within it, the audiences it caters to, and the content it produces.

Educational publishers—both in the K–12 and higher education sectors—have responded to the larger, cultural demand for equity in all areas of society and formed complex, highly developed, and multi-layered processes to incorporate Content Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CDEI). They have been engaging with underrepresented communities for input and feedback to make Content DEI an essential consideration in the publishing life cycle.

But publishers need not go it alone; they can enlist vendors and consultants to ensure that new content is scrutinized and even existing content, in the shape of new print runs of older texts and revised editions, is viewed under the microscope and revised to meet current standards.

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  • What CDEI is and why it matters in educational publishing
  • How publishers can focus on Content DEI
  • The challenges in getting it wrong and rewards of getting it right
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