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KGL Editorial Team Reviews

KGL Editorial has been a trusted partner in providing managed support services for various prestigious organizations. With a commitment to excellence and adaptability, KGL has continually evolved to meet the dynamic needs of the scholarly publishing community.

KGL Editorial has been an ACS Managed Support vendor partner since 2019 and has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs of the ACS community. Working to support a vast team of ACS Editors, KGL helps to ensure fast, high-quality peer review of ACS submissions while providing a high level of service to our authors and reviewers. Experienced, efficient, and detailed-oriented – KGL Editorial represents the qualities of a trusted editorial partner!

Heather Demke

Senior Manager Editorial Services, American Chemical Society

Over the last three years, our collaboration with KGL has significantly enhanced the workflow process of our journals. Their proficient and experienced staff instill confidence in us, ensuring that the quality control process is executed in a timely manner. This allows our team to redirect our focus to other projects. We are currently exploring opportunities to expand our partnership with KGL and look forward to seeing this collaboration grow.

Laurie Webby

Manager, Peer Review, American Society for Microbiology

KGL Editorial was exactly what we needed to take our society’s publishing efforts to the next level! This highly professional group has years of industry expertise and experience and provides the highest level of professional services. Their multi-level, global team manages our large portfolio of research journals, handling the day-to-day editorial tasks, editorial inboxes, and cross-team collaboration with KGL Production. Under their care, our journals are more efficient, having improved on almost every metric, including helping us achieve highly desired faster times to publication. We also rely on KGL Editorial’s insights, best practices and solutions to build on the rich and reputable history of AAA journals.

Stephanie Austin

Senior Director, Publications and Content Strategy, American Accounting Association

For the last few years, KGL Editorial has provided services to the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada (JOGC) in the early stages of our publishing process. From submission through peer review, KGL’s Editorial Associates have been there to provide support. They have helped authors with submissions, handled author queries, triaged papers in Editorial Manager, and conducted technical checks on manuscripts. In short, KGL has been nothing other than professional, responsive, and accommodating.

Curtis Rafter

Managing Editor of the JOGC

Working with KGL has been a wonderful experience and allowed us to increase our efficiency and confidence when producing our blog posts.  The partnership we have with our editor is such a benefit – she truly feels like part of our team, not a vendor.  Her commitment to our brand guidelines and voice and tone allow me to spend more time on our strategy and content development.  After hearing of how beneficial KGL has been for my team, other parts of our organization have asked to work with them too!  I hope to continue working with KGL for a long time!

Rebecca Hall

Principal, Mercer

We have moved our Transplantation journals to KGL recently for a number of reasons – broad cross sector experience and capability; availability of senior level advice on publishing issues; extensive experience across the software platforms we all use and honesty in pricing. We measure everything that moves in our journals and it is great to be associated with an organization that does the same.

Jeremy Chapman

Editor-in-Chief, Transplantation journals

KGL took over our editorial management services on short notice, and I was amazed at how quickly they were able to integrate completely into our daily workflow with the highest degree of competence.  Their staff were thoughtful, comprehensive, and very easy to communicate with.  They offered many suggestions that resulted in a much more efficient management of our editorial process.  They know the business from top to bottom, and I highly recommend them.

Lee M. Pachter, DO

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

AAST made an excellent choice selecting KGL for management of The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.  KGL staff is knowledgeable, professional, and Michelle is very easy to work with.  With KGL management, the journal has been able to launch new initiatives and streamline the submission process. I would highly recommend KGL for journal management; you will not be disappointed.

Sharon Gautschy

Executive Director, American Association for the Surgery of Trauma

As a new Editor-in-Chief, I greatly value the KGL Editorial team’s wealth of knowledge, expertise, and commitment to improving the experiences for our authors, peer reviewers, and readers. Through their support, JoPTE was able to increase submissions by 20% and decrease time to first decision by 25% within the last year. Their attention to detail and responsiveness greatly contributed to the journal being indexed in MEDLINE this year. KGL Editorial are vital members of the JoPTE team!

Keshrie Naidoo PT, DPT, EdD

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Physical Therapy Education

ASAIO came to KGL Editorial to have more professional oversight of the journal. In the 5 years that we have been with KGL Editorial, submissions have more than doubled and the Impact Factor has increased significantly. The staff provided by KGL are dedicated, experienced, and genuinely invested in the journal’s success. Beyond the editorial office we have access to KGL Editorial’s vast knowledge base to assist us in making high-level decisions and developing creative solutions.

Mark S. Slaughter, MD

Editor-In-Chief, ASAIO Journal

KGL Editorial strives to make each experience exceptional in managing the Journal of Transcultural Nursing editorial services! The Transcultural Nursing Society has for many years found KGL to be adept at providing efficient editorial flow and professional communications with our editor, editorial board, reviewers, and authors. They are timely, efficient, and accurate in all aspects of their management of our editorial services. Their level of service is unsurpassed and is vital to the success of our journal. They continuously improve upon the level of service they provide and we could not be more pleased with our collaboration.

Lisa A. Dobson

Director of Operations, Transcultural Nursing Society

I have loved working primarily with Elizabeth Marshall as my Assistant Managing Editor for KGL Editorial Services. Both Elizabeth and Marjory Spraycar have been exceptional in their roles as managing editors. I have never had to ask twice for anything, and Elizabeth always seems to know what I need before I ask her. I am so grateful to have both of them on my team. They contribute unselfishly and are always there for our authors and reviewers when they need help. Thank you for the contribution to the Journal of Transcultural Nursing.

Norma G. Cuellar PhD, RN, FAAN

Editor-In-Chief, Journal of Transcultural Nursing

KGL Editorial has provided excellent, professional services to The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology for many years. The personnel are up to date on changes in the publishing landscape, troubleshoot and solve problems immediately, and overall provide a highly professional experience. The individuals aligned with JCP serve as full partners in its publication making the journal a highly regarded resource in clinical pharmacology. I would highly recommend KGL Editorial. Their mission is to work jointly with journal editors in a seamless fashion, providing excellent support for publications.

Joseph S. Bertino Jr., Pharm.D., FCP, FCCP

(Former) Editor-In-Chief, The Journal Of Clinical Pharmacology

KGL Editorial has become a trusted partner in managing a large part of our journal portfolio. The staff’s industry knowledge and their experience across multiple publishing platforms has enabled us to improve journal processes and procedures, and ultimately improve time to publication. We have relied on KGL Editorial’s skilled, efficient team to handle various tasks within the workflows of our journals, and we continue to be very pleased with the results.

Matt Baker

Content Senior Manager, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society

The Optical Society (OSA) production staff support 10 scientific journals with work that involves domain knowledge and sophisticated software. Surges in volume or changes in office staffing could create significant backups in production, and initially we sought assistance from KWF Editorial to cover for a staff departure. The KWF team was able to ramp up very quickly not only to learn our custom software and procedures but also to process papers with appropriate editorial judgment. Following another staffing change, we expanded the KWF team and found KWF nimble at changing team size to meet our needs. We observed a big part of KWF’s success with us was in their approaches to organization, documentation, and team oversight. In fact, OSA was able to emulate some of KWF’s techniques to improve its own internal operations. Now in our third year of working with KWF Editorial, OSA views KWF staff as a regular part of our production team. Because our experience with KWF Editorial has been so consistently positive, it is easy to provide a strong recommendation for those looking for a partnership for editorial services.

Scott Dineen

Senior Director Publishing Production & Technology, The Optical Society

KGL Editorial has become a key component of Academic Medicine’s editorial team. Their high standards and capable staff mean that we can trust them to support our work as the leading journal in our field. With clear, steady communication, valuable industry experience, and a dedication to meeting our needs, KGL Editorial is a wonderful partner that we hope to work with for a long time.

Mary Beth DeVilbiss


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