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The Council of Science Editors will be hosting its Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon from May 4-7. Ahead of the meeting, we wanted to highlight a session in which KGL is proud to take part, “Evolving Roles and Relationships for a Sustainable Publishing Ecosystem: A Discussion with the CSE Industry Advisory Board,” on Monday, May 6 at 9:00am.

The session will focus on the changing landscape of scientific editing and publishing and how societies, publishers, editors, and organizations can work together to manage the challenges, including Open Access, paper mills, AI, changing business models, and additional disruptions the members of the CSE Industry Advisory Board are seeing.

“I think the biggest challenge in scientific publishing in 2024 is that no one really knows what the future holds. Everything seems to be in flux right now: technology, social media, news media, funder and government policies, and more seem to be up in the air with no clear signs of how it will all shake out. This uncertainty can be daunting, but I like to stay optimistic,” said Jonathan Schultz, Senior Director, Journal Operations, American Heart Association and moderator.

The panelists represent commercial publishers, consultants, and societies and will explore the ways these challenges and opportunities play out from their respective perspectives and how these different parties can work together to find solutions.

“I have no doubt that stakeholder groups within publishing will come together to develop solutions and you can see that happening all around us – whether it’s in the coordinated response we’re seeing to paper mills or continued expansion of approaches to sustainably address funder mandates to publish open access (e.g., transformative agreements, diamond open access, Subscribe to Open, etc.) It’s obvious though that this is going to be a marathon—not a sprint—and it’s going to take time for effective responses take hold,” said Kevin Lomangino, Director of Consulting, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd and panelist.

Schultz agrees that collaboration between stakeholders is important in order to solve these problems, “There is a growing recognition that industry-wide issues require industry-wide solutions and we have to work together to develop a sustainable publishing ecosystem. AI is a good example because both the problems and possibilities it creates require collaboration. AI-driven research integrity concerns, like paper mills, cannot be solved by a single publisher on their own. Only by working together can we even come close to finding a way forward.”

When the future isn’t set, there’s always the hope of what’s possible.
– Jonathan Schultz

Panelists include Angela Cochran, VP, Publishing, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO); Kevin Lomangino, Director of Consulting, KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd; Daniella Thoren, Associate Director, Wolters Kluwer Health; George Woodward, Publishing Director, Acquisitions & Renewals, Oxford University Press; and Elizabeth Yepez, Business Development Manager, Elsevier.

This session aims to provide attendees with a thought-provoking discussion that will provide new insights and ideas that they can implement in their own work.

Says Lomangino, “Like the broader CSE meeting, this discussion will be an opportunity for the community to come together and hear about many of the challenges we face in common and share differing perspectives. I think it will provide context that attendees can carry with them through the meeting as we collectively explore solutions. And hopefully it will remind and reassure us that we’re all in this together!”

To connect with KGL at the CSE 2024 Annual Meeting, meet us at booth 7 or visit our event page.

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