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Why can’t digital art formats other than TIFF or EPS be used?

Other formats can be used; however, we have found over the years, these formats have typically been the highest quality and when building a PDF, the highest quality is what you want. We realize that all publications do not print initially; there are those occasions that will require print after the fact, such as a compendium.

What are the common mistakes to avoid?

  • Providing an improper image format (not TIFF or EPS).

  • Providing a low-resolution image.

What if a graphic submitted cannot be used?

When a graphic is unusable, the author will be notified. The author will also be instructed how to successfully integrate digital images in the future.

Will the proof of my article show low-resolution figures?

The figures seen on proofs are generated from original high-resolution images and down-sampled for electronic delivery. The quality will represent what is published online. If the article goes to print, depending on what was submitted, the image may reflect a higher resolution.

What happens to figures that are submitted in RGB?

The figures submitted in RGB retain the RGB color space throughout the production process. RGB will be reflected in online deliveries. If the article goes to print, the conversion to CMYK is applied to the print PDF only.

What size should my art be?

Your art should be submitted in its final published size. This size is usually based on the column width of the particular journal to which you have submitted your paper. Please see the Instructions to Authors of that journal or call the publication office to determine the final width for the image.

Why must I convert text to paths or outlines?

Converting elements of text created in illustration programs to “paths” or “outlines” removes the need for any restrictions on fonts used in a graphic. This way you may use any font without concerns about font licensing. When a font is converted to an outline, the quality of the element does not change because the Illustration program re-draws the text as paths by reading the internal metrics of the font.

Why can’t I submit an image created in a non-industry standard graphics program?

Ensuring quality output and consistency requires that we thoroughly test all elements processed within our workflow. We rely heavily on the PostScript environment, and therefore, all applications that interact within our system must generate stable, standards-compliant PostScript code. Many applications that are able to create graphics do not support PostScript or do not use standard PostScript interpreters.

Can I FTP my files directly to KnowledgeWorks Global Ltd.?

Yes, but we will need to work with you to set up procedures. Please contact your journal office for information.

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