Publications Director Service

Introducing KGL Consulting’s Part-time or Interim Publications Director

Your expert partner in advancing your society’s journal publishing program

We understand that many organizations would benefit from an experienced publishing professional, but do not need or cannot afford a full-time position. We provide an intelligent and affordable solution for organizations that have journal management handled by an already-busy staff, a small team needing direction, or wish to grow their publications.

With our experienced publications professionals at your side, backed by a team of expert consultants, you can expect strategic guidance and implementation focused on your society’s priorities.

The outsourced Publications Director provides support in any or all of the following five key areas:

  1. Publications management—Focusing on the society’s priorities, we assist with strategy and operations to achieve important objectives. We do this by collaborating with society staff, editors and committees and providing guidance to optimize processes and implement policies (ChatGPT and DEI, for example).

  2. Publisher/Vendor oversight—We help you manage publisher/vendor performance to ensure a smooth partnership, solve problems, and improve results for the society.

  3. Business management—Monitoring financials and preparing budgets can receive a boost when employing someone who thoroughly understands the numbers. In addition, we can suggest technologies, efficiencies, and innovations you might not otherwise be aware of to cut costs and increase member satisfaction.  We also review marketing plans, promotions and reports to ensure maximum user engagement and increased quality submissions.

  4. Publication development and enhancement—Your journal is an important knowledge resource, so we champion initiatives and ancillary products to enrich the scientific content and optimize the author and reader experience. We recommend opportunities to increase member value, the value proposition to potential members and sponsors, and the revenue-generating capacity of the society’s publishing portfolio.

  5. Strategic Insights and marketplace knowledge sharing—We help you navigate changes in the publishing environment by communicating to the society’s executive director and board on publications status, changes in the industry, the publications marketplace, and government initiatives and mandates that affect the organization or its members.

Having a KGL veteran publications professional at your side saves you time and gives you quick access to industry facts and expert insights, enhances the Society’s reach and authority in the field by utilizing already proven practices, and ultimately strengthens the portfolio’s position in the marketplace and its financial return to the organization.

Please contact us to find out more about how our part-time Publications Director can help you.

About KGL Consulting

KGL Consulting is a full-service publishing consultancy offering a broad range of solutions in scholarly publishing. Our goal from the start has been to develop the expertise needed to serve most if not all of our clients’ needs in one shop; to ensure that every deliverable is custom, targeted, and actionable and our recommendations are authoritative and evidence-based; and absolutely to provide you with highly personalized and professional attention every step along the way.

Thanks to the care, collaborative spirit, and creativity with which each project is handled, we consistently discover opportunities, drive innovation, develop solutions, and deliver success to our esteemed clients.

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