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KGL offers comprehensive editorial and production services for professional and vocational trade textbooks, collaborating with subject matter experts to deliver flagship products publishers.

Full-Service Development
for Professional
and Trade Products

Comprehensive editorial and production services for professional and vocational trade textbook markets. Subject matter experts develop content and work with authors to deliver flagship products for some of the world’s leading global publishers.  KGL’s content team has experience managing textbook production and digital product creation, from setting up projects and working with authors to finalizing content. All our editors have publishing backgrounds in editorial development, and our project managers are cross-trained in editorial management, allowing us to view production from a cross-functional perspective.


KGL Solutions

Professional & Trade

Icon 23Editorial Project Management

  • author production-planning meetings

  • permissions log creation and tracking

  • art/photo log creation and tracking

  • permissions assessment and photo research

  • schedule creation and management

  • author management

  • query resolution

  • peer-review coordination

  • copyediting/production editing

  • proofreading

  • indexing

Icon 15Content Creation

  • subject matter expert identification

  • instructional design

  • guideline and prototype creation

  • pedagogy development

  • assessment development

AppraisalDevelopmental Editing

  • copyediting (manuscript editing)

  • final manuscript preparation

  • structural editing

  • pedagogical editing

Association ManagementSupplemental Creation and Management

  • syllabus design and course objectives

  • presentation slideshows

  • instructor manuals

  • study guides

  • worksheets (print and digital)

  • cases and solutions

  • video teaching materials

  • lesson plans

  • quizzes

  • content for online content

  • flashcards

  • epub and mobi creation and conversion

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