Production Services

KGL’s experienced in-house designers, each with over a decade of experience, create engaging designs for print and digital products.

200+ Years of Production and Composition Experience

Our systems comprise InDesign and XML workflows with the flexibility to achieve template-based production for highly designed textbooks and ancillary products. Each of our in-house designers has more than 10 years experience in the field, enabling our staff to create designs that engage readers and facilitate learning. Additionally, all our designers have production experience with both print and digital products. At the start of a program, our design team works closely with publishers to understand the desired look and feel of a program and translates that into templates that integrate production efficiencies to control cost and streamline production.

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KGL Solutions

Book Production

Icon DesignCreative Page Design

Award-winning design team handcrafts layouts that support educational material.

New Product DevelopmentTemplate-Based Design

Our designers can generate template-based designs that allow for the streamlined production of educational textbooks.

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