A Cloud-Based Production Management System


From manuscript to final deliverables

Track the production of your books, journals, and magazines from manuscript to final deliverables. Automate production tracking and provide a history on each article, chapter, issue, and project. View individual pages or generate a comprehensive array of real-time production reports. 

What's in it for you?

  • Enforces controls and mechanisms to create and maintain a standard production workflow
  • Supports distributed editorial and production teams
  • Facilitates the transfer of large files quickly and securely
  • Applies file version controls to all uploaded files
  • Provides ongoing product, manuscript, and progress tracking and reporting
  • Ensures ongoing quality checks during the content lifecycle
  • Navigate accurately and quickly to the content you need
  • Insight into your content in real-time
  • Controls task transfers, creating efficient hand-offs, supporting “Fast Track" schedules


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This was a major endeavor for our organization. Your support, expertise, and superb customer service was invaluable as we navigated the complexities encountered along the way. We could not have accomplished this milestone without you.
— Susan J.A. Harris, Senior Director, Journals, American Psychological Association

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