KGL Consulting Launches Publisher Audit and Liaison Service

KGL Consulting’s new annual service, PALS, provides societies with an expert, independent appraisal of their publishing partnership’s editorial, production, marketing, and financial performance, with recommendations on how to use your publisher’s knowledge and resources to best effect.

Clients routinely approach us at renewal time with questions or concerns about their journal and/or publisher performance; this forward-looking, cost-effective service helps societies optimize performance throughout the contract.

The following table describes the deliverables:

Service Service Detail
Financial Review (Q1) Analyze publisher financial statements to ensure agreement with contract; evaluate internal integrity based on number of Read & Publish deals, OA articles, and/or subscriptions; identify material differences; and highlight trends.

Provides oversight to optimize long-term financial returns.

Publisher Services Audit (Q1/release of Publisher Reports) Review contract to develop list of contractual services and ensure publisher is fulfilling their obligations. Critically review results in publisher’s report to identify issues and surface opportunities, turning data rich reports into actionable documents.

Ensures services are fulfilled and uses our knowledge of the publisher to inform society of additional beneficial publisher services available.

Marketing Plan Review (Q3) Evaluate publisher’s marketing plan for the coming year, request detailed statistics on performance of campaigns, work with editors/society to identify goals for coming year, make recommendations for marketing tactics to align with journal strategy (e.g., to increase submissions or drive traffic), and monitor results.

Identifies and champions promotional activities to address your journal’s specific needs.

Editorial Benchmarking (Q2) Based on journal provided statistics and publisher’s report, benchmark journal turn-times and workflows for peer review and production against best practices with recommendations for potential improved performance and increased author satisfaction.

Provides society with a competitive advantage with fast, efficient and consistent operations that increase author satisfaction.

Trends Talk via Video (As requested) Present and discuss industry trends for key stakeholders with topics including but not limited to business models, funder mandates, trends in peer-review, globalization, and increasing quality submissions and impact.

Places recommendations into context for decision-makers.

Society Choice Hours Bank of hours from which the society can draw for additional analysis, follow up with publisher on action items, or implementation of identified strategies.

Accomplish your strategic goals!

You need not go at your strategy alone in this complex publishing environment. Complete the form below to get in touch and learn how we can work with you and your society to get the most out of the partnership.

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About KGL Consulting

KGL Consulting is a full-service publishing consultancy offering a broad range of solutions in scholarly publishing. Our goal from the start has been to develop the expertise needed to serve most if not all of our clients’ needs in one shop; to ensure that every deliverable is custom, targeted, and actionable and our recommendations are authoritative and evidence-based; and absolutely to provide you with highly personalized and professional attention every step along the way.

Thanks to the care, collaborative spirit, and creativity with which each project is handled, we consistently discover opportunities, drive innovation, develop solutions, and deliver success to our esteemed clients.

We work to expand our knowledge and improve our performance every day, as we work to build and sustain our client partnerships.

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