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Generate insights that drive strategy. Build awareness that drives sales.

KGL’s Market Research and Development team serves scholarly publishers and associations with a full slate of services to collect insights from the market and turn them into revenue growth for your organization. From surveys that gauge perceptions of your key constituencies to detailed analytics that inform your publishing strategy, we have the tools and expertise needed to turn market data into actionable intelligence. Through research-based marketing as well as product demonstrations and training, we also have the resources to build market awareness of your products and generate qualified sales leads and renewals.

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Market Research
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Market Intelligence and InsightsMarket Intelligence and Insights

Our knowledge of scientific and medical markets sets us apart from other research firms and allows us to converse with more authority, dig deeper and more meaningfully into the data, benchmark your results with data from similar market studies, and offer highly relevant analyses and actionable recommendations.

We design your market research study to meet your project objectives with custom plans,  sophisticated research instruments, and effective recruitment campaigns to generate useful insights and recommendations.

Our market research services include:

  • Author, reader, member, customer surveys
  • New product development
  • Data analytics, citation analysis
  • Focus groups, professional interviews, qualitative research
  • Environmental scans, competitor profiles
  • Industry trends, insights, best practices
  • Emerging market research

Icon 14Market Development

For more than 20 years, our team has been navigating academic and health care institutions to find, educate, and persuade the people whose opinions drive the success of information products. Our personal approach is proven to generate new, highly qualified sales leads that are ready for your organization to close. Some of the initiatives we can carry out on your behalf include:

Research-based Marketing Initiatives

Perfect for education and information products, our cost-effective research-based marketing initiatives  engage with prospects to simultaneously generate leads and valuable market insights. Our clients appreciate the qualified leads and market intelligence that informs product development and marketing decisions, and prospects welcome the opportunity to share feedback with an unbiased, independent research firm.

Webinars and Live Product Demos

Make a splash with a new product or upgrade via informational webinars or demonstrations that spotlight your product and showcase its benefits to the market. Our market development team is expert not only at organizing and hosting webinars but also in recruiting and engaging with participants and diligently following up with them. Our detailed product knowledge helps generate the maximum number of qualified leads for your sales reps.

Product Training

To cultivate repeat buyers and renewals, product teams need to ensure that users understand and maximize the value received from their information products. That means educating users and training them on their products’ value-added features. Let KGL’s experienced team take the burden of product training off of your organization’s shoulders.  Our detail-oriented, personal approach increases customer satisfaction and grows your repeat business.

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