MARC Records

Machine readable cataloging is a method of recording the information needed for cataloging records in standard machine-readable format. MARC records are widely used by libraries and other agencies to exchange bibliographic and related information between systems.

Machine Readable Cataloging (MARC) Record Creation

KGL has extensive experience in MARC record creation for Books, eBooks and other publications. We comply with industry standard and project specific guidelines for creation of MARC records, and keep up-to-date on any new developments or revisions to the MARC specifications. Our system and processes are well equipped to accept any input format for MARC record creation.

KGL offers the following services:

  • Create original record: Create a new MARC record for the publication
  • Update MARC record: Validate and update existing MARC record to enhance searchability and discoverability

Icon 14Advantages of MARC records

The specificity provided by the use of MARC fields and sub-fields facilitates the retrieval and manipulation of information in automated systems. The current database of MARC records is maintained by the Library of Congress and added to by libraries.

  • MARC records allow libraries to share data that is predictable and reliable
  • Distribution of MARC records to receiving libraries avoids duplication of efforts
  • MARC records help to transmit data between systems
  • MARC records can be used for producing catalogues
  • Machine readable cataloging enhances searchability and discoverability

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