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Trust KGL consulting to recruit the best candidate to represent your journal and set you on a path to even greater success.

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Editor-in-Chief RecruitmentEditor-in-Chief Recruitment

Identify, recruit, and hire the best candidate to represent your journal

An Editor-in-Chief search is demanding, and providing for appropriate transparency, recruiting a targeted group of qualified and diverse candidates, and hiring an individual with the requisite professional experience and personal qualities are vital to upholding a society’s reputation and increasing journal impact. KGL Consulting manages Editor-in-Chief recruitment on behalf of many societies each year, helping to set journal programs on a path to even greater success.

  • Draft a recruitment and communications plan, resulting in a qualified and diverse pool of candidates

  • Prepare a position description describing the qualifications, responsibilities, and expectations

  • Offer an assessment tool providing for fair and objective review of candidates’ experience and credentials

  • Benchmark compensation plans for Editor-in-Chief and associate editors

  • Ensure that Editor-in-Chief contract covers basics plus performance metrics and unexpected circumstances

  • Craft an editor transition plan, including manuscript system training and editor terms and turnover

Find Out More about Editor-in-Chief RecruitmentFind Out More About Editor-in-Chief Recruitment

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