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    Over the last two decades, technology has gained wider acceptance in the classroom. Since the pandemic, when teachers and students have been abruptly forced apart, tech solutions from video calls to virtual classrooms to online learning platforms have leapt into widespread use and become a lifeline for education this term—a topic we wrote about in a previous blog post.

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    Your website platform should be available to every person on any device. The following are critical considerations in a “mobile-first” world for maximizing discoverability and accessibility when creating the optimal user experience for journeys across all of your digital content.

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    It would be an understatement to say that these are challenging times for teachers. Plunged into lockdown with no time to prepare for it, educators are quickly adapting to the new realities of distance instruction while getting up to speed with technology platforms, unfamiliar teaching techniques, and changing district and institutional guidelines.

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    Much has been written lately about the rush to quickly make new coronavirus research available to the medical community, government agencies, and the concerned public. Recent news and analysis ranges from scholarly publishers working together to maximize the efficiency of peer review, to a demand for conclusiveness against an “infodemic” of both accurate and inaccurate guidance, to our own observations that preprints and media attention are driving rapid publication like never before.

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    Last week, a group of 30 epidemic modeling specialists going by the name of ‘the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team’ released a 20-page document highlighting several stark truths about the strategies being deployed by the US and UK governments as they confronted the unprecedented challenges of the rampant global COVID-19 pandemic.

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    An association is something that can produce real dynamic change. It’s an exciting, organic, creation. But, at its heart, it is two or more people who share a common interest, belief, or passion, and realize that they’re not the only ones, so they invite others who have that interest to join them; they’ve formed an association.

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    In October, the United States Supreme Court handed down an order stating that it would not take up a plea from Domino’s pizza chain to reverse a decision in the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stating that the company must make its website accessible to people with disabilities.

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    Across most levels of education, students now expect learning experiences to be broadly in-line with their fast moving, digitally native, on-the-go lifestyles. And the pressure to cater to this need and deliver learning in a dynamic way is something which educational institutions feel on a daily basis.

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    During the Frankfurt Book Fair, we teamed up with Springer Nature to host a panel debate entitled “AI 2.0: Machine-Generated Content, Intelligent Automation, and the Future of Academic Publishing” in which speakers from KGL (Cenveo at the time), HighWire Press, and Springer Nature explored ways in which publishers are implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning.