Rapid Review


Peer review software with all the functionality you need right out of the cloud

Cenveo Publisher Services offers journal publishers and societies Rapid Review, a cloud-based system to manage the peer-review process. The system accepts all input files, including Word, RTF, TeX, LaTeX, PDF, PostScript, TIFF and EPS files.  Authors can upload their source files and reviewers can upload review comments and marked PDFs. The software is easily configurable to journal requirements and specific workflows. All the necessary functionalities are built into the system---automated status/manuscript tracking, activity summaries,  batch processing functions, data export, custom reports, and analysis.


Peer-review evaluation checklist

  • configurable process workflow 
  • automatic PDF file conversion from  source files 
  • automated delivery of files and metadata to other publishing processes
  • more than 500 reports plus data export functions
  • manuscript version management and version control
  • automatic email messages with optional personalization
  • track page charges, color charges, manuscript submission fees
  • multiple publications on a single publisher system
  • secure log-on and password controlled access
  • complete support, training and user manuals
  • in-context help windows for all users
  • ecommerce solution available for collecting submission fees upon submission



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Very well done! It was a complicated proof and you did a beautiful job. No changes are necessary. Best regards and thank you for an outstanding job on this manuscript.
— Sean P. Colgan, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Immunology Director, Department of Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine

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