Successful On-Boarding of 150,000 Pages of Complex Content in a Short Timeframe

Keywords: workflow, XML early, InDesign, magazines


Cenveo Publisher Services was awarded 150,000 annual pages from a leading Physics publisher. The total annual pages comprised 58 journals involving different services, including copyediting, composition, and account management.  A very tight transition timeline of 4 months was required. The transition challenges included the following characteristics:

  • Almost 80 associates had to be recruited in 45 days
  • The copyediting style guide encompassed more than 450 pages
  • The editorial team had to learn and apply the appropriate style within 30 days
  • Many of the titles are highly complex with heavy math
  • There was a need to create new templates with MathML in 45 days
  • There was a requirement to build a QC tool using the Publisher’s DTD with MathML coding
  • The Cenveo tracking system needed customization in order to manage files, and for metadata and file exchange between the Cenveo server and the Publisher’s server
  • Short turnaround times were required for all stages of deliverables


Cenveo quickly identified and understood the challenges, and realized the need to utilize the most skilled resources within 1 month’s time.

  • Cenveo aggressively recruited associates within 30 days. The newly recruited team was able to start working on live production within 60 days. More experienced associates were assigned to the journals while the newly-recruited team members were trained, to ensure a smooth transition. As a result of the extensive styles involved in copyediting many of the journals, the copy editors underwent a thorough and meticulous training program for one month to understand the specifications, style sheets, and level of editing required. 
  • The robust templates were created in a 3B2 platform using MathML to handle math complexities, and covering all the elements available in the Publisher’s DTD. To accomplish this task, a pool of dedicated development team members was identified and assigned.
  • Cenveo developed a style-based pre-editing tool, as well as a ML conversion tool. QC validation tools were also developed within the very short time allotted.
  • Each article was tracked using MIS (Manuscript Information System). MIS is a system for auto-logging based on the metadata information for each stage of the workflow. A team of account managers/production team leads was identified and assigned to oversee the overall progress and monitor schedule and quality.


Cenveo Publisher Services completed all of the above-mentioned tasks within a month. Cenveo deployed very experienced associates to interact with the Publisher on all day-to-day activities related to production, ensuring information and reports were sent on a regular and consistent basis. To improve the overall quality, Cenveo introduced a comprehensive quality improvement plan by adding rules-based style points (approx. 450+) in areas like copyediting, XML, and 3B2 platforms. This plan had a great impact on the quality, and presently Cenveo maintains a high quality tolerance level of .04-.06 against the .25 as defined in the SLA.

Cenveo was able to achieve 24-hour TAT for revises, epub, and final deliverables for each of the journals. Also, Cenveo continues to maintain a TAT of 3-5 days for first proof deliverables, and 75% articles are delivered ahead of schedule in all stages. Cenveo was able to accomplish a key objective envisioned by the Publisher in reducing the correction cycles by 10% (from 22%), and currently 93% of the articles are approved within the first round of author alterations.

Cenveo Publisher Services continues to provide the Publisher with a consistently high level of quality, excellent customer service, and consistent on-time deliveries. Technology is the backbone of all processes and updates.