Workflow Automation


Achieving multi-platform publication

Molded by our experience with a vast array of publishers, Cenveo Publisher Services has developed a flexible and modular approach to the publishing workflow. Incorporating your business requirements and industry best practices, we create a streamlined production process that is robust enough for today and agile enough for tomorrow. 


Automated transformations between content formats are critical to maintain the new speed of publishing. Cenveo Publisher Services implements software tools that process content from one standard format (e.g., Word) into a downstream format (e.g., XML) that facilitates multi-platform publication. Each transformation has quality checks built into the software and processes, including

  • XML DTD validation
  • graphic format acceptance
  • print certification
  • XML content or schematron validation

Collaborative Web Proofing

To quickly and efficiently produce and deliver large volumes of high-quality pages, Cenveo Publisher Services implements its cloud-based proofing system, Collaborative Web Proofing.  Simple uploads of Word or XML content flow into customized styling tools to quickly deliver PDF proofs in a structured proofing process. Collaborative Web Proofing brings together geographically distanced teams to review page proofs and editorial selections. The service includes

  • flexible tools and scalable process
  • consistent output across product lines
  • outputs for XML, print, ePub, and web    


Let us show you how Cenveo Publisher Services helps you automate publishing workflows that improve your bottom line.

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What an incredible job your team did. They were an absolute pleasure to work with, aside from being smart and efficient; all of which made my job easier.
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