Following are past webinars produced by Cenveo Publisher Services. Please contact us if you have an idea for an upcoming topic! We are always looking for meaningful conversations with publishers.

Mobile Apps: Do They Make Good Business Sense for You? | [VIEW]

Publishers, libraries, and associations are striving to keep up with the latest in publishing technology as well as end-users' needs but keeping pace with new publishing technology can be difficult as well as expensive.  Mobile apps are a perfect example of technology that more publishers provide and more end-users expect. Apps provide content in creative ways that go beyond the traditional publishing models.


  • Darrell Gunter, CEO, Gunter Media Group
  • James McQueen, Director of Digital Media, Cenveo Publisher Services

How the USPS Rate Increases Will Affect Publishers | [VIEW]

On September 25th the United States Postal Service announced proposed price changes that will go into effect in January 2014. Mail owners, who cannot participate by late January 2014, could lose their automation discounts and experience additional postage costs as high as 10% of their 2013 postage bill.

In this webinar we’ll break down the rate increases and  explain what this means for publishers and how Cenveo Publisher Services can help.


  • Frank Lynn, Vice President of Postal Affairs and Distribution, Cenveo Publisher Services
  • Kristina Freeman, Director of Business Development, Cenveo Publisher Services


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