Reprints and ePrints


Reprint and eprint programs are an important source of revenue for publishers. We possess the staffing and expertise to manage these programs including administration, pricing, fulfillment, and fee collection. 

Commercial reprints

Your content is a valuable source of peer-reviewed information for pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers. Cenveo Publisher Services provides marketing and sales services for your content, including 

  • traditional commercial reprints
  • eprints
  • permissions
  • translation rights

We take a proactive approach to marketing your content by reviewing your publication for articles of the highest relevancy to prospects, and then solicit opportunities for large-volume, high-dollar commercial reprints. To maximize sales opportunities, we send a watermarked copy of your intellectual property to companies and agencies before it is printed to allow time for legal review and budgetary consideration. Our team handles every step of the process:  identifying markets, fulfilling orders, shipping, billing, and collections.

Content Works

Cenveo Publisher Services provides Content Works, a secure browser-based storefront to sell individual articles or whole issues to non-subscribers. These publisher-branded e-commerce sites accepts credit cards and purchase orders, providing reprint/eprint sales to the end user and monthly financial reports to publishers. Copyright content is protected with DRM technology. Use Content Works to

  • generate incremental stream of revenue without start-up fees
  • monetize out-of-print content
  • receive monthly payments with no overhead administration

Contact us today to see a custom demonstration and learn more. 

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