Pre-Editing Tools

Clean up, structure, validate, and view

Publishers understand that quality content begins with editorial. Cenveo Publisher Services' pre-editing tools prepare manuscripts for the copyediting cycle by focusing on style, DTD validation, content normalization, reference clean up, and much more. 

We offer a variety of MS-Word based software add-ons for pre-editing, depending on publishers' workflows and requirements. Our content specialists consult with your organization to implement the appropriate tool—Rapid Edit, MyPET, or Merops. No matter the name, all of our pre-editing tools save time and allow copyeditors to focus on content, meaning, and expression. 

What's in it for you

  • Automates application of structure to the manuscript
  • Integrates and applies edits based on your designated style (i.e., Chicago Manual of Style, AMA, etc.)
  • Facilitates decisions when structure application is unclear
  • Generates XML aligned to preferred schema or DTD
  • Applies structure very quickly—128 pages < 5 minutes


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