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Managing all or just part of the publishing workflow with complete commitment to quality and innovation. Let us put our publishing knowledge and tools to work for you. 

Production management

A dedicated production manager acts on your behalf as an extension of your office. Cenveo Publisher Services offers full-issue or article-based journal management. With a combination of US support operations and full-service India operations, we provide a 24 x 6 editorial and production operation.

  • create and maintain style guide
  • resolve author queries and art concerns
  • coordinate production, producing reports and removing day-to-day worries
  • manage review of author proofs and incorporate author corrections
  • audit, evaluate, and solve problems for new initiatives
  • assist in the transition of new products and services

Project management

A US-based team leader guides content through the digital production lifecycle. Following an XML-early process, Cenveo Publisher Services streamlines pagination and ePub creation. We set the industry record for composition going from manuscript to proofs in as little as 24 to 72 hours. Some of the tasks we manage include

  • copyediting and editorial quality
  • author contact and queries
  • manage, review, and incorporate author changes
  • composition and design quality
  • weekly reports



Quality control and quality checkpoints are built into our editorial process. With more than 500 US-based copyeditors and 200 India-based, Cenveo Publisher Services provides on-shore, off-shore, and hybrid teams that support your editorial needs. All copyeditors receive extensive testing, vetting, and training by our editorial services managers. Typical editorial tasks include

  • corrections to grammar, spelling, punctuation
  • consistency of style and coding
  • adherence to author’s voice
  • elimination of errors and inconsistencies
  • preparation of editorial style sheet
  • author queries for content clarification


Collaborative Web Proofing

To quickly and efficiently produce and deliver large volumes of high-quality pages, Cenveo Publisher Services implements its cloud-based proofing system, Collaborative Web Proofing.  Simple uploads of Word or XML content flow into customized styling tools to quickly deliver PDF proofs in a structured proofing process. Collaborative Web Proofing brings together geographically distanced teams to review page proofs and editorial selections. The service includes

  • flexible tools and scalable process
  • consistent output across product lines
  • outputs for XML, print, ePub, and web    


Our Content Toolbox

Rapid Edit
Real-Time Pagination
Collaborative Web Proofing
Content standards
Content validation
Metadata management
Mobile apps

Let us show you how Cenveo Publisher Services provides full-service and a la carte editorial and production services.  

You really did a great job! This is just as I hoped the article would look like in the end. Thank you for the careful editing especially with respect to the rearrangement of tables and figures.
— Mathias Benedek, University of Graz, Austria

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