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A sustainable strategy to support digital and print products is no longer an option. It’s imperative for publishers to transform content to digital formats for all titles moving forward and to plan a conversion project for backlist titles.

We provide conversion and digital creation services with ePublish. ePublish combines high quality rendering of content with interactive and enriched elements suited for digital displays. Our service supports complex content and accepts any input file. Designed to integrate within your existing workflow, ePublish will generate output for any device---tablet, eReader, or smart phone.

Conversion highlights

  • compliant with IDPF international formatting standards
  • all input files accepted: XML, HTML, PDF, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Word, hard copy
  • complex content rendered to digital: graphics, audio, video, tables, math
  • tabular content captured as text, which supports searchability and size modifications on digital devices

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