A Cloud-Based Ecosystem of Publishing Solutions

Transforming scholarly communications requires the right combination of tools, technology, and people. Cenveo Publisher Suite now provides the perfect mix. 

Our cloud-based ecosystem of publishing solutions and modules provides a brand new experience for content development and delivery. With Cenveo Publisher Suite you can work accurately and expeditiously in order to reach audiences anytime, anywhere, and on any device: 

  • Smart Edita pre-edit, copyedit, and conversion tool built to automate common tasks that authors and editors perform during the content creation and production process
  • Smart Composean automated composition engine that ingests content output from the Smart Edit process and generates proofs based on publishers' styles
  • Smart Proofan online proofing and correction tool that presents composed pages via any web browser and offers an interface to update content in real time

View the video above to see an introduction on Smart Edit and schedule your personal demo today!

AuthorMike Groth