Publishers continue to struggle with print vs. digital issues, says Marianne Calilhanna, marketing director of Cenveo Publisher Services. “Bottom lines are getting squeezed and the pressure to produce multi-output content is intense,” she explains. “Publishers want to know whether apps make sense for the STM segment, how to make money from e-learning, how the market will adapt to HTML5, or what HTML5 means for their digital products. These complex questions have no easy, single answer. The real answer is, ‘It depends,’ but that is, of course, not a satisfying response.”

Challenging and Changing Mind-sets

What is definite—and obvious—is the way publishers are starting to think about how print can support digital and vice versa. Calilhanna finds that “consumers no longer exist within separate buckets, but rather move across different media. A digital product is just one aspect of a greater publishing ecosystem, of which the print medium still plays an important part. The ‘print-is-dead’ hysteria has died down, as it is proven to be untrue and rather passé, and it is becoming clear that print and digital will enjoy a synergistic relationship.”

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AuthorMike Groth