Cenveo Publisher Services is pleased to welcome Gregg Sullivan as vice president of sales and marketing for content solutions.  Gregg is responsible for developing new customer relationships and for the refinement of processes and solutions that support customer projects. He will oversee a team of sales executives in North America as well as Europe. Prior to joining Cenveo Publisher Services, Gregg spent more than 3.5 years with SPi Global as SVP of content solutions.

Gregg’s experience with and commitment to academic and commercial publishers strengthens Cenveo’s resources as it expands its customer base and continues to evolve its publishing solution offerings.

“Cenveo customers differentiate themselves because we provide comprehensive publishing solutions, combined with industry-leading turnaround times, that transform content into valuable information and products. Cenveo Publisher Services performs with demonstrable on-shore expertise and quality off-shore experience,” explains Gregg. “I am thrilled to be a part of the Cenveo Publisher Services team and continue to expand our market, our solutions, and our technology."

Gregg earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Arts from Allegheny College and a graduate certification in direct marketing from Merrimack College. He is a long-time supporter of the Society for Scholarly Publishing and digital publishing initiatives.

Cenveo Publisher Services provides the full spectrum of editorial and production services to journal, book, educational, media, and trade publishers. Working as an extension of the publisher’s office, Cenveo Publisher Services provides workflow solutions that meet technology, content, and delivery requirements with attention to editorial quality and speed to publication.


AuthorMike Groth