We are pleased to announce updates to our entire suite of technology solutions. 

Editorial and workflow tools have new front-end interfaces that facilitate content interaction. Production technologies continue to improve Cenveo’s record-setting turnaround times from final manuscript to content distribution.

Cenveo XML Suite is the workflow hub in which all of its publishing solutions interact. An online pre-editing system prepares content for downstream processing by normalizing and applying editorial styles. Automated composition engines flow content into design templates while simultaneously applying structure. InDesign as well as other batch-composition engines are used based on publishers’ requirements.  An online PDF-XML proofing system offers authors and editors a content review environment to make real-time corrections to content and see those changes manifest in both structure and design.

“The most important thing to note with all of our tools is that they support multi-channel publishing,” stated Atul Goel, senior vice president of global operations and technology at Cenveo Publisher Services. “Our technology solutions combined with our service teams implement XML-early publishing workflows. As a result, our customers are positioned to respond to changing markets and customer demands in an agile way.”

Quality checkpoints are incorporated across the entire product line and a central component of Cenveo XML Suite.  Beginning with more than 3000 quality checks in the pre-editing tool and validating to more than 30 industry standard DTDs (including JATS, NLM, DocBook, NIMAS, DITA) throughout a workflow, Cenveo Publisher Services has become a trusted partner to some of the world’s leading journal, book, and educational publishers.


AuthorMike Groth